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Monday, April 26, 2010

busy, busy

Good morning.
As I expected, yesterday was cold, and wet, so no outside work. Instead, I cleaned the house. I also fired off a post at Dave's Garden which has got to be the most comprehensive gardening site I've seen. Several posts back I posted a pic of a plant I have but didn't know what it was. I was hoping one of my gardening readers would know, but no, so I posted it on Dave's Garden, and in a couple of hours had the reply.

It a Helleborus foetidus, or stinky Hellebore. According to the website, it's suppose to be hardy to zone 6 and higher. I live in zone 5, so I'm surprised it seems to be thriving. It's got very cool leaves.

In other news, we booked another campground for October, Ludington Sate Park. We have just 2 more to book and we'll be set for the entire season.

And what else do you do on a cold dreary day? You cook comfort food!

Craig made a delicious meat pie! Another variation of his Creamy Turkey Pie , but this one he called a Creamy Light Hot Italian Turkey Sausage Pie. And it was delicious! And big enough for leftovers. Click the links for the recipes.
And we watched the last episode of Spartacus. I hope they bring it back for season 2. It was really good!
That's all for this morning.....


  1. The leaves on the plant are cool. I love "interesting" plants like that. I like Devil's Backbone ( for it's uniqueness too.

  2. That pie looks fantastic!