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Friday, May 07, 2010

busy, busy

Good morning.
It's been a crazy busy week at work and today and tomorrow will be more of the same. I had 18 customers yesterday. Started at 8:30am and finished at 7:15pm. I was one tired puppy when I got home. But a couple of glasses of sherry made it all better. And did I sleep! ;-)
And before I started work, I had a dental cleaning appointment. Now I will say one thing. If you dislike going to the dentist as much as I do, Here's a little trick to make the cleanings go faster. My hygienist on my previous visit said I had a lot of tarter build-up. So she gave me a 3 minute timer and said to brush until it runs out. Well, the first time I used the timer, I thought I was brushing for an hour! 3 minutes is a lot longer than it seems! And apparently a lot longer than I had been brushing. But I did as was requested, and when I went in for my cleaning yesterday, it took nearly half as long as before! I was in and out in about 1/2 an hour! Now this I like! She also said there was less staining, and that my gums looked better too! So brush longer, and your dental cleanings will be quicker!
Also on Wednesday morning the repair man came to (hopefully) fix our 13 year old washer at work. Now this washer takes a beating because all it washes are heavy loads of towels. I was hoping we wouldn't need a new one. As it turned out, the connection that is suppose to let the washer run when the lid is closed was all corroded and not making a good contact, so with some good cleaning, we were back in business.
And we've got a cold front coming through today that will take our high temps in the low 60's and push them down to the upper 40's, with 2 mornings of frost. yuk! No planting of annuals yet! Looks like an indoor weekend.
So have a great weekend! I need to shower and go to work!


  1. You have a great weekend too, guys!

  2. There's not a tooth-brushing-ceremony that goes by that I don't brush at least three minutes. I'm a fanatic about it.

  3. My teeth hurt thinking about the dentist. Don't get me started. Argh. Floss, floss, floss!