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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

weekend in review

And again, another weekend over. I can't imagine only having a 2 day weekend. Our 3 day weekend goes by soo fast!
Anyway, it was another great day. potted up a few more divisions, did a crap load of weeding, and helped Craig mow the yard. I'm about 1/3 done weeding. I think this yard is getting bigger every year. ;-)
My poison ivy (or what ever it was) mess is starting to clear up. That was the worst I've ever had it and I don't even know where in the yard I picked it up. Beside that real bad spot on my forearm I had minor spots farther up the arm, on my side, my tummy, and my other arm too.
Oh well, the hazards of home ownership. :-]
On the work front, it's looking to be a real busy week. I've got just 5 slots open for the entire week. I'll probably get tons of calls. That seems to be how it works in the appointment business. Sit around one day and work your butt off the next. And I'm going in extra early today. The staff called yesterday to inform me the washing machine stopped working. So I've got a repair man coming this morning. And I also need to install those 3 batteries in the exit signs and emergency lights. I've also got 2 supply orders coming in today.
So it's time to shower and hit the road!


  1. Hazards of home ownership combined with perils of business ownership....

  2. Take some pictures around your yard and post them on webshots, maybe Ken or I can identify the poison ivy for you; though you have have gotten it with your weeding.
    I have to admit, as much as we have on the farm, I think you've gotten it worse, but Ken had a bad spot on his forearm last May, too.

    Hope all goes well today!

  3. This is one of many links you'll find on the internet regarding using an oil-cutting laundry detergent to solve the poison ivy issue:

  4. Hate poison ivy. It spreads on you, so easily...good thing you did not scratch your crotch!

  5. Anonymous12:45 AM

    I've never gotten poison ivy so I feel fortunate. A couple of my brothers just have look at it and they get rashes.

    Hope that you have a quick recovery Wayne.