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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Good morning and a happy Memorial Day!
I've finally reached the 'I think I'm in good shape yard wise for the plant sale' point. I've got all the yard fairly weed free at the moment, all the bushes that needed trimming trimmed, and the yard is looking pretty good.
I've also finished printing the flower pics to add to the pots so people can see what they'll look like in bloom.Now, I just need to cut them, glue them to plastic knives, and insert them into ziplock baggies to protect them from watering. Craig is working on the name tags, and I've got all the price tags from last year. I also touched up the paint on the yard sale banners we put out by the road.
So today will be mostly finishing up on the pics. With one week to go until the sale, I'm in very good shape.
Craig spent most of yesterday, making home made potato salad and baked beans. He doesn't do it often, as they're a time consuming process. But boy are they good!
I then grilled chicken, and it was a tasty meal!
And I also managed to get some pics taken, and here's a few more flowers currently in bloom.
An early trumpet Daylily, and a light blue Siberian Iris.

A variety of Ranuculus, and very pale pink single Peonies.
And today we're taking it easy.


  1. Wow, just when I thought your plant sale was a lot of work, I read a blog entry and think "Wow, that's a LOT of work." ;-)

  2. Hope your plant sale goes great!

    Your chicken looks yummy. My chicken never works on the grill. Don't know what I do wrong, but it's always still a little raw on the inside.

    have a great week! :)