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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday post

Good morning.
Another late post. I worked in the yard for an hour or so. Still weeding and trimming. Yesterday, we had a bunch of running around to do. First, the bank to deposit last weeks checks, then Lowe's for patio paint, then Staples for an Ink cartridge for my printer, then to the beauty supply store for a new blo-dryer for Craig. Then, since the yard is looking so good, we decided to treat myself to lunch at Houlihan's.
So first off is a pic of the front entry next to the driveway

As you can see in the pic, the concrete surface is very rough. We would have it replaced, but when they put the city water in, they had to run the water line to the kitchen, which is the right side of the pic. They had to cut a piece of the cement slab out to get the water line into the house. The guy who cut it said he'd never seen such hard thick concrete. So it would be very expensive to redo. So every year, I just paint it, and it looks okay.Then we got this coupon in the mail for Houlihan's. They have a new, what they call, small plates menu. It basically looks like appetizers. The coupon was for 2 free small plates. We ended up ordering 3. Wanted them to make a little money. :-) They were really very good! Although not very much. They normally cost $5 each. I don't think I'd pay that much for so little, but the 3 made for a nice lunch. We picked...Spicy Chicken and Avocado Eggrolls,

Greek-Chic Chicken Kabobs,

and Vietnamese Shrimp Spring Rolls.

Then we came home, and I cleaned the storage/compost area. That's where I stored all the pots people gave my through out the year. I had way too many small pots left over, so I bagged up 2 large garbage bags full to take to work and put in the dumpster.
Then it was turkey burgers for dinner, and our Monday sitcoms.

And I'll leave you with some Cranesbil's that are now blooming in the gardens....


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