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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

a birds eye view and a birds nest

Good morning.
Well, the holiday weekend is over. It sure went fast! And mine was 4 days! But if you've been following, I accomplished a lot! I also finished putting all the name tags on the plants and will put pics and prices on Friday and Saturday.
One thing that has been going on is a pair of birds decided to build a nest on the light right next to the patio door. And that's the side that opens! Even though we've been going in and out all weekend, when we weren't around, they'd continue. And now there's 2 eggs in the nest. Now as soon as I start to open the door, the bird flies away. And Craig says as soon as the eggs hatch, we can't use that door. Great! I'll have to go in and out the front door! What a hassle! And for some dumb birds!

The birds are actually quite cute. They're called Flycatchers. A little bigger than sparrows, but smaller than robins. They made the nest out of mud and moss.
And another thing I did yesterday was to put a charcoal vent cover on our sewer vent.
For some reason if the wind is coming from the right direction, you can smell sewer gas sitting on the deck. Phew! But this cap works perfect. It has some kind of charcoal granules that filters the smell out. We've never had this problem at any other house.
And while I was up there, I took some pics of the yard.
The mo-ho in the driveway. It sure looks big from up here!
A path going into the shade garden. Bright sunny days aren't the best time to take outdoor pic!
And the basic view of the back yard. The yard is nearly an acre. That's why it took so long to get it weeded!
And now it's time to get ready for another work week!


  1. Wow, your yard is....spectacular!!!
    Ken from Tampa

  2. It looks great. I'd love to see a larger image of the last photo.

  3. Anonymous1:23 PM

    It's all agreed here on the west coast, your yard is beautiful!


  4. Yes, a gorgeous yard. It relaxes me.

  5. If you ever decide to give up your day job, you could easily become a landscaper.
    Nice pictures, bro. :)