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Friday, June 04, 2010

It's almost here!

Good evening.
I know, an unusual evening post. But I'm done working out side today, and needed to take a break. Craig is fixing dinner, ( red beans and rice, yummy!) so I have a bit of time. Work has been very busy. So I went to work this morning at 7, and left at 2 and came home and mowed the yard, and finally organized all the plants in their rows, and then put pics on all the plants. Here's a pic of everything in the sale.

The plants stretch all the way from the front of the mo-ho to the back of the garage. 319 plants, all dug out of my yard. You can see my pickup at the end. That's there to keep people from stopping by before the sale and taking anything too easily. I have it wedged right next to the mo-ho. I've never had that problem in the past, but it doesn't hurt to be extra careful! And besides, I hope to get about $1000.00 dollars form the sale!
Now all I have to do is put price tags on them which I will do after work tomorrow. So I can't wait for this to be done since it has completely consumed all my time out side of work. And has disrupted my usual postings!
Wish for no rain on Sunday, and a good turnout.


  1. Wayne, Do you UPS or Fed Ex ??? (lol). It is all looking "GREAT". As I said before, if only there weren't so many states between me and those plants !!! So just as a point of interest how do you handle the foot traffic. Do you have any problems with people going into areas of your property you don't want them in ? Well I hope Sunday is a sunny pleasent day for you guys and hope you hit your sales mark and go over it :) - G

  2. It's sad you have to do that with the truck, but a good precaution.
    I hope you have a wonderful turnout and a wonderful day for the sale, bro!

    *hugs* :)

  3. Wayne, what an amazing collection! If the weather is on your side you should do well. Too many states between me and those plants as well. Otherwise, I'd certainly swing by and grab a bunch! Good luck!

  4. Looking great! Remember to try and take secret photos of all the strange people that will undoubtedly stop by.

  5. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Wayne, you guys sure have worked so hard getting your plant sale together... we hope for good weather and the customers spending lots of money!

    The plants seemed to have grown in there pots.... charge more!