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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a new addition to our family

Good morning.
The last couple of days have been such a blur!
After cleaning the Salon Sunday morning, I came home, showered, woke Craig up, and while he showered, made our morning coffee. Except, we had no milk. So no coffee for us! So we went out and did some grocery shopping, came home, and then had our coffee, and read the paper. I went out to wash/wax his PT Cruiser, while he did laundry and bookwork.
I got the car washed, and vacuumed, and as soon as I was ready to wax, it started to rain, and it rained for several hours.
So, Craig had been interested in trading in my 9 year old, gas guzzling truck in for something more economical, especially since we sold our boat years ago and really have no need for a truck. My 2001 Ford Ranger 4x4, 14 city, 19 highway

So online we went.
He had seen a few interesting vehicles on the road and we started to check them all out. He really liked the mini Cooper, but it was to small and quite expensive. He thought the smart car was stupid, since it doesn't get that great mpg, and requires premium gas! He liked the cube, but I said no way! That was the ugliest car I've seen, and would not be caught dead in it much less drive it!
So we settled on the KIA Soul.

The dealer in Lansing had 12 in stock, but from the web site, they didn't appear to have one with the options Craig wanted. But I said let's just go , look and see if you even like it in person. Test drive it, and we'll go from there.
So by then the rain had stopped and I went out and weeded some. Craig fixed dinner, which was ham steaks, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.
Okay, flash forward to Monday morning. I'm thinking if we do find a car he likes, I better get the truck cleaned up, so as soon as it was light enough out side, (5:45am) I went out, washed him, cleaned out the interior, and waxed him. Damn! It looked real good for a 9 year old truck! I got done a little before 8. Took my shower, woke Craig up, made coffee, and off we went!
Well, to make this long story a little shorter, we bought a car! One exactly like the stock pic above. I'll try and get a pick of me and it today. It's about the same size as Craig's PT Cruiser. The color is called Titanium Metallic. It has everything! Even a free subscription to Sirius Radio.
They were giving generous rebates, and gave me way more for the truck than I expected. And none of the pressure to buy extended warranties and other crap. It was really a quick and easy deal!
We drove it home around 2pm. Spent the rest of the day checking out everything it has.
And so, that's why I missed my Monday morning post. But it was worth the wait, right?


  1. Pretty nice car!

    We have XM radio and we love it! Especially on trips. Do you have satellite radio for your mo-ho?
    Have a great day! :)

  2. That is exciting. So who gets to deal with the salesman? That is what I hate about buying a vehicle. Michael says the dealing is part of the fun but I'd rather be tortured. I just would like a price listed and not have to hassle with someone.

  3. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Wayne... wow, I love the Kia Soul's.... cute commercials too! I have to say that your truck looks like brand new. Somebody will be getting a nice looking, spectacularly clean truck!!!

    Congrats on the new car!

  4. I love love that color. And we are really enjoying our new Soul as well -- we have TWIN!