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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the weekend review

Good morning.
Well, this has been an expensive week so far and it's only Wednesday!
Besides deciding to buy a new car, we bought a new washer/dryer combo for the Salon.
A stylist from the Salon called yesterday morning to say the washer wouldn't work. I called a repairman and they said they could come in the afternoon. This washer is 13 years old, and does nothing but heavy loads of towels all day. It has had multiple service calls. Well, this time it was past saving, so we went out looking for a replacement. Lowe's had a Frigidaire, but the repair man said buy anything but a Frigidaire, so we went to Menard's, and they had a Maytag that would take 8 days to deliver. Not wanting to wait that long, we went to Home depot, and they had a GE they could deliver tomorrow. Sold! And they were running a 10% off all appliances! So that helped a little.
So, with Monday, the car, Tuesday, the washer/dryer, I didn't get any where near the stuff done I planned on.
But here's an actual pic of the new car...

I'm not in the pic because I took it while Craig was still sleeping.
While waiting for the repair man to assess the washer situation Craig did manage to mow the yard, and I did some repair work on the mo-ho.
Here's the bay door handle assembly we got and the broken one.

you can see the poor design on that little lever. And the improved wider design of the new one. And yes, there's just a little screw holding the lever on, and no, you can't just order that lever, you have to get the whole thing! Isn't that just a waste? I also replaced the dryer vent assembly, so the mo-ho is now whole again. At least for the time being.
And finally a flycatcher update.

Compared to the last pic you can see they're barely all fitting in the nest. I suspect they'll be gone by the weekend. The parents yesterday would fly up to the nest, but not land. They'd hover for a bit and fly away, as if to say 'see, you can do this, come on"! It was very comical. And boy do I have a mess to clean up after they're gone. Bird crap everywhere!
But now I must get ready for work. Another very busy short week with the holiday coming!


  1. Replacement parts are always like that, it seems. So many times you can only buy a whole mechanism!

    Have a great day! :)

  2. Yeah! I love new toys! And,I had no idea we had the SAME toy!

  3. I like the car. I like that the birds will be vacating soon. Ikc.

  4. The photos are not showing up for me.