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Friday, July 02, 2010

washer/dryer update

Good morning.
Yesterday was exhausting! I arrived at work at 7:15am. I needed to get the old washer/dryer out of the back room before the new one arrived. When we put it in 13 years ago, we kind of built it in. It when in the corner at an angle and we added shelves and cabinets on both sides. So I needed to disassemble them to get the old washer out and give them enough room to get the new one in which we were told would arrive between 4 and 8pm. Then I had 22 customers starting at 9am straight through till 7:30pm.
They arrived with the washer/dryer at 7pm and took nearly an hour getting it in place and hooked up. I checked it out when they were done and discovered it wasn't in the corner right. The electric cord that came with it was only 3ft and not long enough . Where the washer/dryer was would not allow me to reassemble the shelves and cabinets. I asked if they make longer cords and he said yes. I asked if he could check the old one they were hauling away to see if it would be longer. He checked and yes it was. He removed it from the old one and gave it to me and left. Can you believe he wouldn't even put it on for me? I was to tired from the long day to bother with it, so now I need to go in early today to swap the cords, get the room put back together, and get some towels done before I start again with customers. Thank god it's a short work day, and a long holiday weekend.
I'm gonna need some rest!
And now, off I go!


  1. On one hand, I'm surprised they did such a poor job; and on another, I'm not. You get less and less service for your money now. :/

    Have a great Holiday Weekend, guys! Are you going on a trip or are you going to see Mom?