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Monday, July 26, 2010

another trip

Good afternoon.
Sorry for my absence, but between the no Internet issue, and another trip, I haven't been able to post. But then, I'm sure you probably haven't even noticed. ;-)
We've just returned from Maumee Bay State Park. It's just outside of Toledo, Ohio. It's one of our favorite campgrounds. The most spacious of any we've camped at.
We went and returned safely, so it was a very good trip. It was ungodly HOT! 96, 94, and then only 88. We had only a 30 amp hook-up, but managed to keep the mo-ho fairly comfortable. At least we weren't in a tent :-)
And here's a pic of me near downtown Toledo. They've wiped out most everything across the river from downtown, and looks like it's ready to develop once the economy picks up.

Despite the hot, humid weather, we had a very nice weekend, and I'll share more pics and such when I have some more time. Right now, Crag has dinner ready, and I'm hungry!


  1. Hot everywhere! Mom says you've cooled off some though now. :)