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Sunday, July 25, 2010

prepping the mo-ho for a trip.

Getting ready for another RV trip takes planning. We only have so much time for each trip, so we want to maximize it. We usually leave after work on a Friday. So in order to get as much work time in as possible, and still get to the campground at a reasonable time, we make sure everything is ready when we get out of work on Friday. That means we back the mo-ho in on Tuesday, hook up the Kar Kaddy, and load the car.
We're fortunate that we have the perfect set-up for this.
As you see in this first pic, the motor home fits nice and snug between the garage and some trees next to the lot line.

You can see in the second pic the car on the kar kaddy behind the mo-ho.

We can remove the gate, and drive the car around the house to get it on the kaddy. This way, we're ready to go when we get home.

Before we back in in, we put out the bed slide and put in the clothes we want. I also have already cleaned it up since the last trip.
After we back it in, hook up the kaddy, and load the car, I turn on the fridge to get it to cool down so I can load the food on Thursday morning before I go to work.
So on Friday, we come home, change our clothes, grab the laptop, and we're on our way!
Getting the kaddy and car preloaded saves us at least half an hour, which doesn't seem like much, but that gives us an extra half hour to relax upon arrival.


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  2. It's great that you have a roundabout to help with loading the car! I wondered how you backed up with that on the kaddy. :)