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Friday, July 09, 2010

The daylily post

Good morning.
Wednesday and Thursday have been very busy at work, but today and Saturday are looking slow. I've been enjoying my new car. I love that new car smell! And I get to drive it longer each day since we now have to go the 'long' way to work. Actually we have to go the long way to just about anywhere! The major road we take to work has a bridge that is now closed for some kind of repair. And on this side of town, there's not many places to cross the river. So the next closest bridge is 3 miles out of our way. It felt like forever driving home last night after a 11 hour day! But it's scheduled to be closed for just a month, so that's not too terribly long.
And the heat wave that has had us in a hot humid grip for the last week is finally over. We're back to the mid 80's for the weekend. Maybe I can get some yard work done.
And to end this post, some more daylillies for you viewing pleasure that are blooming in the yard....

This one was where I had the sprinkler.
This one was where I had the sprinkler also. :-)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your daylilies, Wayne. How long do they bloom if you don't get a lot of 90 degree weather?
    Do different varieties bloom longer?
    Have a good weekend when it gets here for you! :)