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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More of trip #5 and mo-ho repairs

Down by the beach under the parking lot next to the dunes there was a buried creek. A few years ago, it was apparently leaking and during a storm collapsed, taking a good chunk of the parking lot. Fortunately it was off season and there were no cars parked there. So they basically dug a channel and patched up what was left of the parking area and barricaded it off. Well, thanks to the stimulus money, they are working on a permanent solution.

This massive chanel with flood gates and fancy fencing. In the pic below you can see something going across the gate area. That will be the walk that was part of the 'beach trail'. It snakes from the parking lot through the dunes, back to the campground. It will be a much shorter walk than the road to the campground. This project was suppose to be completed by July, but it looks like quite a bit of work still to go. It'll be interesting to see if it's finished when we go back on September. It made for quite a traffic nightmare going to and from the beach.

And they did bury a small section using massive culverts so beach goers can use the other side of the beach.
And in a section of the wall along the channel where some of the seed netting has fallen, some type of swallows have made nests. That's all those little holes in the bank. I wonder if they'll let them finish the season before repairing the netting.

Yesterday, I cleaned the Salon, then washed the bug guts off the mo-ho front. Cleaned the inside up for another trip later this month, and then washed off the back deck. The birds have finally left the nest, and did they leave a mess! Bird crap all over the place! Glad that's all done with, although, they were fun to watch.

We've also decided to take the mo-ho in to finally get that hydraulic jack fixed, replaced, or whatever. The last 2 trips, it would not come up on it's own, and now I can't even pry it up! I had to resort to using a hydraulic jack we use when we change the tires on the car. That literally pushes the jack up. Craig's worried it might at some point not even go up with that, and then we'd really be stuck since you can't drive the mo-ho with the jacks down. Just another expense you didn't plan on! Oh well. That jack hasn't worked right since we bought the mo-ho, and will be nice to having it work normally. I hope.

Well, now it's time to get ready for another work week!


  1. Yeah, we've had jack issues and it sucked. We got stuck in Portland at Christmas because of it.

  2. Hope it's a quick, cheap fix!