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Sunday, August 01, 2010

fingers crossed

Good morning.
It's looking to be a nice warm dry weekend.
Work has been very busy. But now we're having an issue with our phone system.
We have a Lucent Partner Mail VS system. This allows customers who call to hear a general greeting with a listing of the stylists extensions. Every styling station has a phone with their own extension so the customer can reach their particular stylist who makes their own appointments. This system work well because with out a receptionist, we can keep our chair rental rates lower, and only each stylist knows how much time they need for each customer.
Anyway, when I went to work Saturday, the phones would have a dial tone, then nothing, then a dial tone and it would keep cutting out. I had Craig bring in canned air to spray in the vents thinking maybe it was over heating and shorting somehow. I also called the phone company to have the lines checked.
After about an hour, the system seemed to be working fine, and it worked the rest of the day. The lines were checked and they are fine, so Monday I'll call the company that installed the system for a service call.
Well, this morning when I went in to clean the Salon, it was doing the same thing, so more canned air in the vents. After I got done cleaning, the system seemed to be working again. So I don't know if it's the canned air that helped, or I'm thinking now, it might be the room air. We always turn the air up at night when no one's there, and turn it back down when we go in in the morning. Maybe it gets to warm during the night, Maybe it just needs a good interior cleaning. I'm hoping that's it because It cost $5000.00 to install it and I'd hate for it to be going bad and we need a new system. It has been here 13 years, and you know how electronics are. Keep your fingers crossed that for once, we come out on the cheap side instead of the expensive side.
And now, some flowers currently blooming. A selection of Rudbecia's.....

Above, the well known common Black Eyed Susan's, and below one that looks the same but the flowers get about 5 inches across and is called Indian Summer.
A tall variety that gets 6 ft tall and has a green cone and called Rudbecia Hemstonne.

And a double variety I have no idea what it's called.

And now it's time to wake up sleepy head Craig!


  1. It could be that it's humidity and not temp. Either way, hope it is a cheap fix!
    Does it have any sort of warranty or service plan?

    Have a great week!

  2. These flowers seem like a very long way from the snow and ice of winter! I love the dark colors with the gold together.