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Monday, August 02, 2010

a productive day

Good morning.
Sunday was a beautiful day, and very productive.
We ended up taking our answering machine and a spare phone to the Salon and bypassed the other non working system so customers can at least leave their name and number and we can call them back. As soon as the company that installed the original system opens at 8am, I'll set up a service call to hopefully get it fixed.
I didn't want to pay overtime rates to have it done yesterday, since we have 3 stylists on vacation this week, and no one is working today.
And while Craig did bookwork and laundry, I washed the mo-ho, and then washed, waxed, and cleaned the inside of his Honda Accord.

Ain't it pretty? It's a 1998, just turned 50,000 miles, and has never seen snow. The color? Black Currant. It's kind of a real deep plum.
And your probably asking why I'm doing his car and not him. Well, he says he has carpal tunnel, but I'm thinking he's just lazy. :-)
I also managed to wax the front and back of the mo-ho, so a very productive day. I figured I better get it done yesterday, as I'll probably be sitting at the Salon a lot today, waiting for the repairman to get there and waiting while he checks it out and hopefully fix it.
And for dinner, Craig made a delicious pork pot roast.


  1. You're just too nice, brother mine. ;)
    Hope the fix is quick and low cost for you!

  2. Do you ever sit down and rest? You are always waxing the moho or doing something... Where does all of your energy come from. I guess the 3 digit temps affect us too much here. -- Randy

  3. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Craig's car looks really nice! IT LOOKS NEW! I'm sure he appreciates all the hard work you did with the waxing, etc.