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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

system update.

Good morning.
Yesterday was another beautiful day weather wise.
I started it by cleaning up the inside of the mo-ho and then it was off to the Salon to call First Telecommunications to set up a service call. They opened at 8am, and I was surprised to have a tech at the Salon by 8:45. By 9:30 he had determined there was a corrupt system reboot card. But he wasn't sure if the corrupt card had damaged the processor so wanted me to monitor the system and let him know if I had any more trouble. He suggested I might want to replace the processor to extend the systems life. At 13 years It was getting iffy on how much longer it would last. Basically, the phone system is like a puter. It has a hard drive, processor, memory and such. And we all know how long a puter lasts!
So Craig and I decided to go with the processor. It would take a day to get, and would cost $800. A lot cheaper than the $5000 the system cost originally.
And a good thing we dicided to do that, since we had a couple more outages during the day which signaled that the processor was damaged from the corrupt card. So I'm meeting the tech at the Salon at 8am this morning for that. And that means I'll have been at the Salon every day of my weekend. That's the 'fun' part of owning your own business.
And the rest of the day was spent waxing on the mo-ho, checking tire pressure, and water levels on the house batteries, in preparation for our next trip.
And now, before I'm off to the Salon, I'm going to catch up on some blog reading.


  1. At least they were prompt and quick to diagnose the problem.

  2. Definitely a good investment. Have fun on your next trip, bro!