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Thursday, August 19, 2010

in other news...

Good morning.
I know, an unusual Thursday post, but I don't have to be at work until 9am today.
As much as I was thrilled about the bridge being open, apparently they still have another month of work on it so only 1 lane in each direction is open. That wouldn't be so bad except, they have decided to keep the entire street one lane for a mile leading to the bridge. I suppose it's to keep people from driving to fast and trying to get ahead of each other before the 1 lane bridge, but what it's done is you get some slow ass who appears afraid of the orange barrels and drives way to slow. It's worst than the long way to work. So now with most of the traffic back on that road, I may just take the long way. With out as much traffic, it may be quicker. God I hate all the road work! It's just sooo inconvenient!
In other news....
They're doing painting on our mall. I got to work yesterday, and they had painted all the back doors green, instead of the store bought gray. Not sure I care for that, but it's not my call. And it's been very busy at the Salon. That is mostly good except for longer hours and me more
tired at night. ;-)
And because it's been so busy, I haven't had time to go to the Salon supply store, so I ordered on-line Tuesday morning for delivery on Wednesday. I get to work and there's a message on my phone that they were out of a couple of things and to call them and see if I want to substitute. They would hold the order until they heard from me. Ugh! I wanted the stuff Wednesday! So I called and took care of the issues and now will get my supplies today. Why do they say same day shipping on their website when they should say same day shipping only if the planets are in alignment and we feel like it.
Okay, I need to go and get ready for work.

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