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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it was a good day

Good morning.
I made it to Muskegon and back with no issues.
I arrived around 9:30 and visited with my sister and Mom. For lunch, Mom wanted Chinese so we headed out to the House of Chan. A Chinese restaurant that's been there for years. Well, we discovered it was closed on Mondays, and Mom didn't want to deal with all the traffic around the mall, (and I don't know why cause I was doing the driving) so we headed over to Applebee's. As we approached Applebee's we went past a place called the Red Wok. I said "there's a Chinese place, do you want to go there?" Mom decided to try it. It was, of course, was a buffet. Now I don't do buffets but Mom wanted Chinese so I was stuck. But I actually liked it! They had a huge selection of food and I love Chinese food, so I filled my plate twice! The place was clean and the food was well tended to by the staff.
After lunch, we of course went to the club for drinks and pull tabs.
A couple hours later, it was time to take Mom home and head to Grand Rapids to drop Linda off at the airport for her trip back to North Carolina. It was good to see her after so many years, and she enjoyed her time with Mom.
Craig had a busy day while I was gone. He said he got up at 9 which surprised me, went to the bank, the pond store for more Algefix, and grocery shopping. Came home, did more laundry and mowed the yard. Fixed Hamburger Helper for dinner, but used sliced sirloin instead of hamburger, and also added peppers from the garden.
It was a good day.


  1. Busy Busy Busy!!! Nice days.

  2. Thanks again for the ride, Wayne! I came home to laundry, too. ;)
    Was good to see you all again, too. :)

  3. Craig only got up at 9 because he knew he'd be featured in the blog. ;-)