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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Friday post

Good morning.

Another week goes by and little posting by me. What can I say except our life during the week is pretty mundane and not worth talking about. Tuesday we didn't do much of anything. I cleaned the portable grill for the mo-ho and checked tire pressures, but most of the day was lounging. Wed. and Thur. are long (10-12hrs) days at work and when we come home we pretty much veg in front of the TV with cocktails to unwind and then to bed..

Today's shorter and I'll do some grocery shopping after work. But then we get a nice l-o-n-g holiday weekend.
So now I'm off to work!
Have a great weekend!


  1. You have a great weekend, too, Wayne. No idea what we'll be doing. Mom says there is going to be a 'tall ship' in Muskegon this weekend. Sorry I missed it.

    Enjoy your holiday! :)

  2. Wayne, I hear ya. Sometimes there just seems like nothing worth telling everyone about. I just post when something I do seems like it might interest someone.

    The past several weeks have been too hot for me to get much gardening done. I have accomplished some work on my new succulent garden. I just posted some shots on my blog. But basically, I'm either working or staying inside to stay cool.

    Can't wait for fall to actually get here! In SoCal that is usually around the beginning of Oct.

    Have a great, long weekend!