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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Good morning.
And some more pics from our trip.

A view from the parking lot in front of camper village where you can see the Top Thrill Dragster, the really tall one in the center. Also the coasters Gemini and Millennium.
Here's the Mean Streak and an empty parking lot.
Most of my readers know I'm an early riser, and I took the rest of these pics Monday morning while most people were still sleeping.

The original Hotel Breakers right on the beach next to the park
Look closely and you can see Power Tower above the roof.
One of the newer wings of the hotel with the Magnum coaster off to the right.
Looking the other way and some even newer wings of the hotel with the rides Wicked Twister, the Ferris Wheel, and an observation tower.
Then back to camper village. In front of the rv's all along the water are these cottages you can rent. They are basically park models. They are all landscaped with decks over looking the bay. They are probably quite expensive. Even the camper village is expensive compared to other campgrounds, but soo convenient to the amusement park.
Oh, and Scott, if your interested in taking your rv to Cedar Point, get online and book it, because if you just show up, it'll most likely be booked. It's a very popular campground.
In other news, I did get the antenna fixed. I went online to It's a very large rv forum. I searched for antenna problems and found I needed to get up on the roof and lubricate it. I did and it now works just fine. And for a change, it didn't cost anything!
I also came home to find a critter has feasted on my yard. It has eaten all the buds and shoots off my squash plants. I'm assuming it's the same critter that has eaten my tomatoes. It has also eaten all the leaves off my potted purple leafed potato vine. Now it's a bush of purple stems. Oh well, it's always something isn't it?
And now I'm off to clean the Salon.


  1. Thanks for the tip. We are going to wait until next Monday to try and book... that way we will have some idea what the weather might be like. Hopefully it won't be too busy since most kiddies will be back in school.

  2. Interesting pictures. :) I don't like roller coasters. Airplanes are quite enough for me.
    Glad to hear the antenna was such a simple fix!