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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

poor plants, damn critters

Good morning.
Another weekend over. They go by so fast. And I have a 3 day weekend. I can't imagine having only 2.
But anyway, remember the critters eating my plants? Well here's a couple of pics of the damage.

Squash vines with buds and leaves eaten off.
A pot with 3 types of sweet potato vines. You can see the purple leaf vine has almost no leaves, just bare stems. The variegated vine is almost completely gone, and the petunias are just stubs. This all happened while we were gone. What ever was eating the tomatoes has stopped after eating 3. Hope it got indigestion.
And yesterday was a take it easy day for me. Craig of course did bookwork and laundry. All I managed to accomplish was repainting the deck chairs.

Looks brand new right? And below is a chair before it was repainted. They have spray paint for plastic, and it works really good. No runs at all!

We've had these chairs for nearly 20 years. They're very comfortable, and fold for easy storage. We haven't seen these any where for years.
This is the 3rd time I've repainted them.
So another weekend gone, and another trip done. Summer is whizzing by too fast!
And now I'm off to work for what is looking to be another busy week.


  1. Summer is going by too fast. It always does.

  2. And I'm sure that summer passes for you guys far more fast than for many of us. What in the world would be eating tomatoes!? Weird.

  3. Different forums say it might be squirrels (but that seems odd), possums (are there possums in Michigan?) or groundhogs. Strange. No deer or rabbits, right?
    I suspect there are some sorts of beetles or caterpillars that might eat the leaves like that.
    You could try Irish Spring soap. The regular kind. Put some around on sticks. Hopefully your plants will grow back.
    Chairs look great, bro! :)