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Thursday, August 12, 2010

just a quick rant

Good morning.
Just a quick bridge update. The closed bridge that makes me travel several miles out of my way to work is still closed. it was suppose to open on Aug. 6. Yesterday I found out that the concrete mix that was delivered for the bridge wasn't the right one and it'll take 2 weeks for another one to arrive.
First off, I didn't know there were different ways to mix concrete. Second, why is it going to take 2 weeks?
In other news, They have huge sections of our parking lot at work marked off. They are cutting out bad sections and repaving. Now this parking lot is only 2 years old. Don't you think it should have lasted longer than that? All I can figure is when the landlord had the new parking lot done, that was his expense and got the cheapest job possible. And the patching is considered maintenance which all the tenants have to pay for. But that doesn't make much sense either, since over half the mall is empty, and he'd have to pay that share of the work himself.
Anyway, I worked 10 1/2 hours yesterday, and it looks to be about 10 today.
Now you know why I don't often post much during the week.
So this is it for now, and I'm off to work!


  1. Portland has 9 bridges in the city across the Willamette another two very busy ones across the Columbia. There seems to be constant updating, fixing, closing, opening, reworking of traffic.

  2. Patching things always seems to get low-grade concrete -- if it's actually concrete.
    And it sounds like the mix was wrong, not the way it gets mixed. You wouldn't want pieces of the bridge falling with people on it. Or under it (not sure where it goes from/to). Doesn't make a whole lot of sense why it will take 2 weeks unless no one in Michigan can mix what they need and/or others are spoken for already. That really sucks limes.
    Hope the next few days and your weekend go well! :)

  3. Maybe you should get an airplane????