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Thursday, September 16, 2010

kia recall

Good morning.
It's currently raining out this morning. We've settled into a typical fall weather pattern. Cool days,cooler nights. Some sun, lot's of clouds and occasional rain. Yuk. I want summer back!
But still, 4 more weekend trips before we winterize and store the mo-ho.
Work is steady this week, not real busy, but steady. The owners of the mall we're in continue to do maintenance and repairs. It's actually looking pretty good.
In other news...
My new Kia Soul has been recalled.
This car comes with what they call 'mood lighting'.
What that is, is the speakers in the 2 front doors have lighting around the edge. There's a dial on the dash that allows you to turn it on, turn it to slowly pulse, or turn it to flash with the beat of the music. I must say I found it 'cute' at first, but the red glow doesn't show up during daylight, and at night it's pretty low to the floor so you don't really notice it that much.
Anyway, there's apparently a problem with the wiring that goes to them. They could short and cause a fire, so Kia asks that you leave them off until you can get them in for repair.
I've been planning on taking it in to have splash guards put on so I'll make an appointment for both.
And now I have an early day at work,
So later!

1 comment:

  1. I would think if you could see them while driving, it would be distracting. If it was blinking, anyway.

    Have a great day! :)