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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a lesson learned

Good morning.
And today is starting out better than yesterday.
I was online yesterday morning, checking mail when I clicked on a link and BAM! All of a sudden an antivirus window opens up saying I might be infected and should run a scan.
Well, first off, it wasn't my antivirus software so I knew it was one of those fake ones trying to get me to buy one. So I just closed the window. BIG MISTAKE!
I later learned that to get rid of this I should have immediately closed my browser. By closing the window I allowed it to download to my puter. It then incessantly popped up windows telling me I was infected and needed to buy their software to fix it. It disabled my antivirus software. It wouldn't let me scan my puter with any of my various apps. It even disabled Internet access. It was one mean piece of malware.
So, I turned off the puter. Fired up the laptop, downloaded the latest version of Malwarebytes, copied it to a flash drive, restarted my puter in safe mode, installed the malwarebytes program and scanned the puter. It found 2 infections and removed them. I then restarted the puter in normal mode, and ran my Avast. It found 5 more infections. Then I ran SuperAntiSpyware, which found nothing. You can never have to many antivirus programs because one may not find everything. Just make sure you only have one running at a time. I use Avast for my primary antivirus program. And all three are free!

So your probably asking if they're so good, why did I get infected? They can only stop unwanted things from downloading without your permission. I allowed it by clicking it. My mistake. But now I'm clean again.
And in other news.....
I caught the little bastard that's been eating up my yard!
In the pic below, I have sweet potato vines cascading down the walls by the waterfall.
Except now there just stems. All the leaves have been eaten off. That's one hungry woodchuck!
And here's the accused....

Just another of the many to enter the 'Wayne relocation program'. No more eating in my yard!

Also, I replaced a light bulb in the handle of the mo-ho. Our outside lights consist of a porch light which can be turned on separately, a light in the handle by the door, and a light under the steps. Very handy if you come back late at night.
You can leave the porch light off so as not to bother the neighbors and just have a soft light to see the steps and door.

So with all the work to get my puter clean again, I didn't get much else done.

Dinner was turkey burgers with fresh tomatoes from the garden, and roasted peppers from the garden.


  1. I got that same virus on my computer at work. The tech people had to take care of it. I've been trying to install Malwarebytes on my home computer but when I try to open it, it gives me an error message. Ugh, I hate computers sometimes.

    I have that same trap that I catch raccoons in.

  2. Glad you got your computer cleaned and caught the plant thief! :)

  3. Sometimes it's easier to catch critters than fix a 'puter. That was said in my best Rock Hill, SC Southern accent.