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Monday, September 13, 2010

My Monday post

Good morning.
Our weekend is going well.
Our workweek ended Saturday afternoon, where we finished it off with cocktails on the deck.
Dinner was homemade nachos. Yummy!
Sunday, I awoke at my usual 5ish, that's right, 5 am, no alarm. That's just the time I seem to wake up every day.
I fired up the puter, took my blood pressure pill, checked my mail and the weather, then dressed and went to clean the Salon. Normally it takes about an hour. I usually go in early Saturday before customers and wipe some stuff down to save time on Sunday. Anyway, I decided to power scrub the floors, so I was there nearly 3 hours. I stopped for the Sunday paper and arrived back home about 8:45, took my shower and woke up Craig. Fixed us lattes, him regular, me decaf, and we read the paper.
Went out for some groceries, and came home and checked our lotto tickets. We have 2 drawings a week and we wait until Sunday to check our numbers. That's our early retirement plan. It hasn't been working too well. ;-)
Craig did his usual bookwork and laundry.
I charged up the dump battery we use for the mo-ho macerator pump. That's how we empty our tanks. No messy accordion hoses for me!
While that was charging I went in the mo-ho to swap the new antenna handle for the broken one we finally got. Did that, and the antenna still wouldn't turn. Went up on the roof and wd-40ed it some more. I could turn it a little one way, but not the other. It kept going a little more with each twist until I finally got it turning. It is now working fine. Yay!
I then went out and set the live trap for the woodchuck we have again in the yard. That bugger has tripped it twice without getting caught.
We saw him later in the afternoon in the trap, munching on the carrots. He then grabbed one and went off into the bushes. I went out to see how he could have gotten the carrots without tripping the trap. The little bastard had turned the trap on it's side! So he wouldn't have to step on the trip plate! Now I don't think they are that smart. He must have been on the side of the trap trying to get to the carrots and pushed it over. So I got out tent stacks and secured the trap. I'll check this morning once it's light enough to go out.
I then cleaned the portable gas grill we use for the mo-ho. I've read mice can smell the grease and food bits, so they say to keep it cleaned. And I must say, the more often I clean it, the easier it is to clean. And when we're done with our trips, I also store it in the garage in the winter.
Our weather has been a little cooler than normal. We've only been in the mid to upper 60's. But it was sunny yesterday, and felt warmer.
We ended the day with drinks on the deck, followed with dinner. Ham steaks, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob.
We have such an exciting life!

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  1. That's our retirement plan, too, and ours hasn't worked any better, brother. Hope you both have a great week! :)