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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not your normal day

Good morning.
I know, a very unusual Thursday post.
Usually there's not much to say. Work is work. But on the way to the Salon yesterday morning, just as I was approaching a major intersection, the traffic lights all went out. I of course stopped at the intersection since I didn't know if it was just my side, or all sides. It appeared to be all sides since no one was going. As I waited, the cars across from me decided to go for it and came through, and the one next to me went to go, so I went for it too. Made it through.
Back at the Salon, we had power so I thought it was just a faulty signal, but on the news this morning it said 5000 people had lost power. Glad our Salon wasn't one of them.
Then later in the morning, Craig came up to me and said one of the girls had smelled something in the bathroom Tuesday. Said it smelled like something died. I said I had been in there earlier and didn't smell anything, but went with him to re-check it out. At first, nothing. But then I got down on my knees and sniffed near a vent screen under the sink and BAM! Thought I'd pass out from the stench! There was a horrible odor coming from behind the vent cover. Behind the vent cover is a hole in the wall to access the drain clean-out. When we moved in I put a vent cover over it to look better. I expect the unit next to us has the same opening under their sink. It smells like something died in the wall, or the unit next to us. Now the space next to us is empty and there has been maintenance people working on the property, and they've had the back door of that unit propped open from time to time. I figured there must have been a breeze blowing into that space one day when it was open and pushing the odor more into our unit.
So I dug around in our supply room to see if I could find something to plug the hole in the wall. I came up with a toilet seat seal. It's a thick waxy ring you put on the pipe under the toilet when you replace the toilet to seal between the toilet and floor. It work perfectly to seal around the clean-out and plug the hole in the wall. With the stench taken care of, I called the landlord to have the empty unit checked out.
So some days work doesn't always go as expected.
And speaking of that, I better get in the shower and get going!


  1. What a Wednesday! Hope today is more normal. :)

  2. Eeeeeew! I hope they found whatever it was.