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Friday, October 15, 2010

stinky update

Good morning.
I discovered where that horrible stench was coming from.
One of the kids that have been coming over after work to paint the dumpster enclosures let me in to the empty space next to us. I opened the bathroom door, and just about passed out from the smell. I didn't stay long enough to figure out it's origin, but called the landlord and they're sending someone out today to take care it.
And thanks to a reader who e-mailed me, I also told them to check the sink drain trap and make sure there's water in it. The space has been empty for about 2 years and the water could have evaporated and sewer gas could be filling the room.
Also the toilet was full of nasty looking water so I don't know if that's it either. The room was a also littered with trash and stuff. And like I said, I didn't stay in there long enough to determine exactly what's causing the smell.
I'll leave that to the poor soul they're sending over.....
And it should be a pleasant weekend. Sunny and temps in the low 60's.
Have a great weekend!


  1. There could be a dead body in there. I'm following this story with much curiosity!

  2. 83 here. You all have a good weekend!

  3. Hope it's been a good weekend! :)