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Thursday, October 28, 2010

still windy

Good morning.
It's been a windy last few days. We we fortunate here in Lansing to have avoided the severe storms that blew through Michigan on Tuesday. Just a lot of wind and rain. We lost one fairly large limb out of our front tree. It came down in the middle of the yard well away from the house or cars.
When I came home from work yesterday evening, I had a couple of armfuls of twigs and branches to pick up. Our 2 main shade trees are Chinese Elms and they tend to be very twiggy and they get a lot of dead wood in them, so any kind of wind or storm, and I'm picking up stuff. The only good thing about them is they have very small leaves. That gives a nice dappled shade in the summer, and very few leaves on the ground in the fall.
It's still quite windy out this morning, but too dark to see if there's more branches down.
But I'm off to work now. I have an early day today. (8am) And I'm going to work in the dark. And I'll be coming home in the dark. I hate that more about winter than the cold.
Oh well.
I'm outta here now....


  1. Mom got bruised by a gust of wind yesterday when going to the Eagles.
    Hope everything is well in your yard.
    Have a good day!

  2. I'm still windy, after all these years.....hum hum hum.....I'm still windy after all these years......