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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

weekend update

Good afternoon.
Monday turned out to be a decent day also. After rain all night into the early morning, the sun came out and dried it up nicely. For the second day in a row, I blew the leaves out from along the side of the garage, and helped Craig mow. The leaves are coming down fast and furious right now.
I checked the mo-ho tire pressures and the water levels in the 'house' batteries in preparation for our last trip.
It's hard to believe the camping season is nearly over. It's going to be hard getting through another long Michigan winter. At least, I'll have planning for the next years trips to keep me some what occupied.
Today, I awoke to see more leaves on the ground than Monday. Craig had a routine doctors appointment, so while he was gone, I blew and mulched more leaves.
It doesn't seem to be as much work if you stay on top of the leaves. But with another work week upon me, I'm sure by Friday I'll see a ton of leaves on the ground.
The wind is quite strong with this weather system that's going through, and I've picked up numerous branches and twigs.
That's about all I've got. We're having panko chicken, honey bacon acorn squash, and asparagus for dinner.
And of course, the latest episode of Glee!


  1. Last trip of the I can't remember how many seasons I've been following your adventures. And I love the feeling after rain.

  2. Have a great day! :)