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Thursday, October 07, 2010

weekend recap

Good morning.
Tuesday, after we returned home, I mowed the yard while Craig did laundry and bookwork.
Then I took clothes, bedding, towels, and left over food from the fridge out the mo-ho.
And of course, after we get back, it warms up to near 70, so we ended the day with beverages on the deck. For dinner , Craig fixed a tasty hamburger helper.
Wed I was the energiser bunny. While Craig spent most of the day on bills and more laundry, I cleaned the inside of the mo-ho, then a quick wash of the outside, then I washed the PT Cruiser, the Honda, and the Kia, and also chamois dried them and cleaned the windows. THEN, I washed the patio door window and the front door window. And THEN, restocked the mo-ho with basics for our next trip.
AND THEN, I fixed a delicious dinner of Panko chicken using slaw dressing for the pre-dip coating, and grilled asparagus and left over pasta salad. It was good!
And I also managed to catch a pic of our b-i-g guest enjoying a frog snack in our pond.
It was a Great Blue Heron. he comes by a few times in the summer to keep the frog population in check. And he does a very good job.
Well, that's my weekend recap. With us taking a longer weekend than usual, we also had Wed off, and the rest of the week is looking ridiculously busy! Looks to be about 12 hours today, and who knows about Friday and Saturday until I call back all the people who left messages.
So I'll see you this weekend!


  1. Wonderful. :) We only see herons in the ditches around here. Well, in the bigger ditches.
    You certainly made up for the good weather on Wednesday. Wow!

    Have a great Thursday. :)

  2. herons are one of my favorite birds. I love to watch them walk along in the water.