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Friday, October 08, 2010

work, work, work, but It's almost the weekend for me

Good morning.
Just a quickie today. I worked 11 1/2 hours yesterday. Came home, had a couple of glasses of sherry, watched a couple of sitcoms, and hit the pillow and was gone....
All of a sudden, it's morning again. I won't say daylight because it is rapidly getting less and less. Yesterday was the first time I came home from work in the 'dark'. I hated it! And this morning, it'll be barely light when I go back in. That's what I dislike most about winter, besides the cold, Going to work in the dark and going home in the dark. It doesn't feel like you have any day at all.
But, it is going to be unseasonably warm this weekend. Predicting a high of 78 for Sunday. Yaa!!!
And it's a special day Sunday. Anybody care to guess? 10/10/10. That's kinda weird isn't it?
Anyway, it's back to work for another busy day, today and tomorrow. And I certainly don't want to complain about being busy. I had a customer come in yesterday I haven't seen in a long time. The reason? She has been out of work since a year ago this past September. So I have to remember how lucky I am I have a business that's paying our bills and letting us have a little fun too. It can always be a lot worst!
Have a great weekend!


  1. It's Happy Birthday Sunday!
    And it is weird, yeah. Won't happen again for a hundred years!
    The days are starting to remind me of winter in Alaska. In Fairbanks it's 20+ hours of darkness.
    People get cabin fever and suffer from lack of vitamin D sometimes.
    At least it's not 60 below!
    Hope you have a great weekend, too, Wayne! :)

  2. 11-11-11 will be even stranger.