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Saturday, November 13, 2010

our last nice day

Good morning.
The weather this week has been outstanding for Early November. It's been Sunny and mid 60's all week! To bad I had to work most of it. But it's coming to a quick end. Rain/snow showers are moving toward the area, and after a high of 69 yesterday, tomorrow is projected to be only 44.
I did get my hair done Thursday afternoon.
An hour gap was available, and that was enough time to get my hair cut and colored. And even as thin as it's gotten, I've decided to let my curl do it's thing instead of combing it straight.
On Friday we did manage to get out of work early. Craig's last 2 customers cancelled, and I was done at noon after starting at 8. So we took advantage of the last nice day we'll probably see this year, and Cut down more stuff in the yard. I'm about 90% done and very pleased with my progress.
I also went up on the roof to clean leaves and twigs off. As you can see in this in this pic of the house I took some time ago, we have a very low peaked roof. And, we have seven valleys due to the unusual floor plan. Soooo, leaves and twigs easily collect in those valleys and every fall, I have to get on the roof and blow them off.
Then I cleaned out the eaves troughs. I'll have to do that one more time once the rest of the leaves come down, but it should be a little easier then.
I also helped Craig change the tires on the Cruiser. He has snow tires for the winter that really help with traction.
Then we relaxed on the deck with cocktails soaking in the last of the warm weather.
And now it's time for a shower and my last day of work this week!

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  1. Nice looking hair-do, hope you tipped your stylist well.