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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Good morning.
I'm slowly adjusting to the time change. I got up after 5 am this morning. I have a hard time changing my body clock, but I'm gonna see if I can push it to 6am. :-)
Well, I didn't get my hair done yesterday. The good news is that the phone rang a lot, and I filled most of my appointment slots. So no me, but money! :-)
I even got home much later than usual since my last appointment turned into a real process. This young girl came in for what should have been an easy color. She wanted the underneath edges bleached out blond from her natural brown. What I didn't know before I saw here is that she has colored her hair many times herself, so it ranged from light brown roots to nearly black ends. So besides taking longer to lift because of color build-up, I had to even out the rest of the mess. I didn't get home until after 8pm. I don't like to eat dinner that late because of an acid reflux issue I had some years ago. But since I cured that issue, (with no help from my doctor) I don't have that problem anymore, and if I eat too late once in a while, I'm fine.
We'll try to get my hair done again today. I have a busy morning, but the afternoon is fairly open, before a busy evening.
And my first appointment is 8am, so I better hit the shower!

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