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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

another weekend gone

Good morning.
Progress on the time change. I actually slept until 5am.
And it was another beautiful day yesterday. Mid 60's and sunny.
I didn't do as much as planned, but I did manage to change the oil in the push mower, riding mower, and the snow thrower. I thought I had done the snow thrower in the spring, but Craig said I didn't. When I drained the oil, it look good to me, but oh well, better to be safe than sorry.
I then cleaned out the garage where the Kia will park this winter. With 3 cars and only a 2 car garage, it looks like cruiser is out and I'll drive him this winter, since I'm usually the first one to leave in the morning. His 1998 Honda Accord has never seen snow, so it gets one side, and the Kia is new, so it gets the other side. Poor crusier. :-(
I then stored all the stuff I took out of the mo-ho. It was all over the living room. Once Craig finished washing all the bedding, I packed that away in a closet. Since we have no basement, (our house is on a slab) I stored the rest of the stuff in big plastic bins, and set them by the front door in the living room. We never use that door, and actually seldom use the living room since we got that 32 inch LCD TV for the sitting room.
And that was all I did. We spent a good deal of the afternoon, enjoying cocktails on the sunny warm deck. We may not see any more weather like that until next year, and wanted to take it in as much as possible.
I cooked chicken on the grill, and Craig made his tasty Acorn squash with honey and bacon bits, and fixed some long grain wild rice on the side.
And of course, another episode of Glee. That show is really good! Love the songs! I even went online after, to watch a couple of older episodes on Hulu.
Another good day, and a very good weekend.
And now, another work week. It's looking slow this week, so maybe I can get a haircut and some highlights. I'm looking pretty dark and dull. :-)

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  1. We've gotten into Glee in the past 6 episodes or so. We too love it.