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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I hate the time change

Good morning.
I'm still not adjusting to the time change well. I got up at 4:30 this morning.
But it was another beautiful day yesterday. High about 60, sunny and no wind.
Took the mo-ho in for an oil change first thing in the morning. Then it was off to Kroger for gas. We don't shop at Kroger a lot, but occasionally. For every dollar you spend, you collect points. When you have 100 points, you can get 10 cents off a gallon of gas. And with gas now over $3 a gallon, it adds up. Then we stopped at Target for Craig to drop off a prescription refill, then the bank to deposit last weeks checks.
Then to OfficeMax to use a coupon for $10 off $50 purchase. Craig needed 2, 12 column account books for next years bookkeeping. I needed another packet of business cards, and they had a 100 pack of blank DVD+R on sale for $17.99. It all added up to $53.47. And so we got $10 off that.
Than back over to Target to pick up his prescription, and over to Meijers for groceries. As we got to Meijer, the dealer called. On inspection, they discovered a radiator leak that required replacing a bad clamp. Of course they had to drain the antifreeze to do that so more costs than expected. I knew we wouldn't get out of there with just an oil change. :-(
After we got home from Meijer, the dealer called and the mo-ho was ready to be picked up. It was now 11:45, so back to the dealer to pick it up we went. Of course, it's on the other side of town so it's a 30 mile round trip.
Returning home, I made us sausage muffins with egg. We tried Morning Star Farms veggie sausage. It was pretty good.
I went online and ordered the new chair mats for the salon. And then went out to work in the yard, while Craig finished washing the mo-ho bedding and doing more paper work.
He then joined me in taking up the decking we put down over the cement patio in the spring.
And with such a nice afternoon, we relaxed on the deck with cocktails until the sun started to go behind the trees and quickly became cooler.
Then with the decking back in the garage, I hung the bikes on the ceiling, put away the gas grill and the deck umbrella. We're systematically getting everything ready for winter, one thing at a time.
Dinner was pork steaks on the portable grill with baked potatoes and ginger honey carrots, while enjoying our Monday sitcoms.
Another good day.


  1. Morning Star Farms does put out a pretty good product. Jimmy Dean turkey sausage links are very tasty too.

  2. I actually like this time better because it is light when I wake up. I hate getting up and it being pitch dark outside. I seem to be getting more sleep too.