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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Salon maintenance

Good afternoon.
After 13 1/2 years in our Salon, things tend to start wearing out, and that's happening in now.
We use anti-fatigue mats around our styling chairs. They make standing on your feet all day less tiring. The current mats we have are starting to ripple along the edges instead of laying flat. That can cause a tripping hazard. Some of the mats surface is peeling also. It's time to replace them. I really liked these, the pattern is called Granite and hair and tint stains don't show badly. Unfortunately, they don't make this style any more. :-(

Soooo, I sent for samples of others and here's our choices....

3 shades of marbleized,

2 tiny texture,
and 1 large texture.

We immediately eliminated the large texture, although I really like the industrial look, but they would be hard to clean with all the raised edges, not to mention crud would eventually collect in the crevices.

So then that eliminated the 2 tiny texture for the same collecting crud reason. That leaves us with the 3 marbleized ones.

Now we also could have gone with solid black,
but that would really show the hair and such.
A pattern helps.
So out of the 3 marbleized ones, we eliminated the black. Some thought such a dark mat would make the Salon look smaller.
We then eliminated the gray marble since it looks to close to the floor color and would look like we were
trying to 'blend' it in.
So what was left, was Charcoal.
That actually looks good with
the stations and gives
the floor a nice contrast.
So with the decision made, I went
on-line to find the best deal.
The prices ranged from $67 to $98.
And when your buying 7, that can add up pretty fast.
I found a company in California for $67. But they only had 2 in stock. Next was a company in Minnesota.
They had them for $76.

But they wouldn't give me a shipping price until I entered my charge card info. I'll have to call them on Monday.
The other companies were a bit more expensive, so I'll have to wait until Monday, to see if I need to explore further.
Today was a busy day at work, and tomorrow is more so. It's also been ridiculously cold. A high today only 40. I've seen a few of those white things floating around in the air. Fortunately, there's no forecast for accumulation. We are suppose to get a bit of a warm-up early next week, so I hope to get more stuff cut down.
So, that's the latest. Craig is fixing turkey burgers tonight with oven fries and I just downloaded a movie called Grown Ups that I'm burning to disk to watch tonight.
Have a great weekend!


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  2. The first sample looks like the one that would best blend in with the existing floor.

  3. I'm thinking dark....something to cover up and withstand the wear and tear and staining.

  4. It's annoying when they stop making things that you like.

    Good luck with your order.