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Thursday, November 04, 2010

a Thursday post

Good morning.
It's been unseasonably cold this week and looking to stay that way. It's a good thing I winterized the mo-ho when I did as it's been getting below freezing every night. And tonight is forecast to be down to 24.
I got my teeth cleaned yesterday morning before work. It went fast. I wish I would have know 30 years ago that a couple of more minutes brushing would make the cleanings go quicker. :-)
I had a few breaks at work yesterday, so I took Craig's Honda in for an oil change and picked up some salon supplies. I also added some money to an account I have at a different bank than our usual.
Let me explain. I have a pay pal account I use to buy thing on e-bay and such. I don't want my home and business accounts floating around in cyberspace, so I opened an account at a different bank that I use just for that and only put money in there when needed. That way I don't have to worry about my account info getting stolen.
Anyway, we have a 9ft Christmas tree we put up at work. Last year when I decorated it, I replaced the few burned out bulbs with my last extra ones. Last year we looked and looked for the brand and no one carries them anymore. I was able to find a box on e-bay.
They are only red, but with some adjusting, I should be able to replace any bad bulbs and still have the tree looking good. Now if any of you see these anywhere, I'll gladly buy them from you.
They are quite large, nearly 2 inches across and come in assorted colors.
Well, the rest of the work week looks quite busy including a very busy late Saturday, so time to jump in the shower and get going.

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