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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

the weekend recap

Good morning.
And now for the weekend recap.
After we returned home, Monday around 1pm, I checked my
e-mails and the weather forecast. It was to get down to 27 that evening, so I decided to go ahead and winterize the mo-ho so as not to use propane to keep heating it. And once I got the lines drained, the water heater drained, the by-pass switched, I filled the lines with antifreeze. I then removed all liquids from the inside and emptied the pantry, and bath cabinets. While I did that, Craig did his usual bookwork.
For dinner it was a quick easy Hamburger Helper.
Tuesday, after I cleaned the Salon, showered and woke Craig up I made our coffee, and we headed out to vote. We have to drive like 10 miles to our polling place since we live on the edge of the township.
The polling place was very busy as usual.
Then a stop for groceries, and home.
Fixed bacon and eggs for a late breakfast, and then I went out to blow and mow up all the leaves that continue to come down. I think maybe one more week and they'll all be down.
And then I removed the rest of the stuff from the mo-ho. Bedding, towels, DVD's, and also removed all the batteries from the remotes, clock, safe, flashlights, and smoke and monoxide detectors. We always put in new in the spring.
While I did all that, Craig continued his bookwork. See, there's a ton of bookkeeping involved in running a business. He discovered quite to his surprise, that he had forgotten to send in the rent check. We've been there 13 1/2 years and have never been late with the rent! So he quickly called the management company and offered to do an electronic transfer. They were very nice and said to go ahead and just mail it in. We're such dependable tenants, they seemed as surprised as Craig that they hadn't received it yet.
And for dinner, it was Chicken on the grill and asparagus.
And now, I have to go. I have a teeth cleaning at 7:45am.


  1. Time for me to winterize the beast too. Jim wants to winterize by blowing the lines out. Pros/cons vs. antifreeze? Your thoughts?

  2. Isn't is sad when you have to winterize it? Another season over...