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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday update

Good morning.
First of all a great big congrats to the Michigan State Spartans for wining a share of the Big Ten Title! Yaaaa!
It was a great season for them even though they'll have to settle for a lesser bowl game. Even though the ended up #8 in the BCS, they won't play in one of the 5 major bowls. Their stupid rules say they can only take 2 teams from a conference and we have 3 teams from the Big Ten in the top 8. And Michigan State is behind Wisconsin and Ohio State. Oh well, maybe they'll win a bowl game for a change. :-)
Sunday turned out to be a decent day,
Sunny and 40. After I cleaned the Salon, got Craig up, Had our coffee and paper, we bundled up,
and finished the yard. I blew the rest of the leaves out of the mo-ho parking area and the garden paths, and Craig did a final mowing of the lawn.
We are now pretty much set
for the long winter to come.
Here's a couple of views of the back yard.
After that was all done, we maneuvered the mo-ho into it's spot between the garage and the fence.
As you can see in the pics, it's a snug fit.
It's nice to have him out of the driveway.
So it was a productive day.
And for dinner, we had Spicy, Sweet Pork Cutlets. I did this new recipe a few weeks ago. It was sooo good. And very easy! If you didn't get the recipe earlier, it over here. Though this time we pared them with Scalloped potatoes and Asparagus.

Today, we need to look for a new vacuum for the Salon. The new mats we have seem to be a softer rubber than the previous, and the beater brush on the vacuum has such hard bristles, it's putting marks on the mats. So we need to find a vacuum with softer ones.
And that's it for today!


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Hello Wayne and Craig, the pics are nice! I saw in the first pic that you have a huge dish. Are you beaming something from Mars? :o)


  2. Have fun shopping! :)