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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Tuesday

Good morning.
Well, we didn't vacuum shop yesterday.
I let Craig sleep in, (until 9am) while I played on the puter.
We then went to the bank, post office, and stopped by the Salon to drop off checks. The newer stylists that joined our staff last March, gushed over the Christmas decorations. It feels good to think all my work behind the scenes is appreciated. :-)
We then went to Meijers for groceries and then back home.
Read the paper, had a light lunch, and while Craig did more bookwork and laundry, I did a little more work outside. I rearranged the side of the garage where he'll park Kia when the snow starts now that all the mowing and blowing are done.
I then spread mothballs around the tires of the mo-ho. Craig seems to think that well help keep the mice out, I'm not so sure, but it's easier to spread than argue. :-)
I think what has helped, is I put bait in the shed back in August, that's near the mo-ho. Mice always seem to make nests in there in the winter. I've gone through 5 trays of bait since then. And there's been no activity for nearly a month now. I'm thinking I've eliminated all the mice from the area. That's my thinking and I'm sticking to it. :-)
I also checked the water level in the mo-ho house batteries. We leave the mo-ho plugged in all winter because we have those sonic rodent repelers plugged in. Craig seems to think that well help keep the mice out also. I don't think they work, but again, it's easier than arguing. :-)
After 34 years, I know when to pick my battles. :-)
Anyway, I caught up on all my blogs while Craig made a tasty dinner of beef stir fry. It was yummy! And we ended the evening with cocktails and our Monday sitcoms.
And it look like our mild few days will end later today as a cold front is coming, bringing rain that well over night turn to that icky white stuff. But I can't complain. We haven't had any snow yet, and it's nearly Dec.
That's all I got for now.

1 comment:

  1. Haha. Exactly. After 36 years, I know what you mean. ;)
    Ask Louie about moth balls sometime. Hehe.

    We're going to be getting some cold weather, too. And we're getting rain tonight, but I don't think we'll be seeing any cold stuff.

    Enjoy your weekend! :)