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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's December, YUK!

Good morning and a happy December 1st.
And in celebration of it being December, we have are first miserable measurable snow fall. It's just a dusting, but it's enough to cover the ground. The forecast is calling for about an inch. Yuk! I'm never ready for it.

Anyway, yesterday we did finally find a vacuum. It wasn't easy. Nearly all of them have these stiff hard bristles on the beater bar. But we finally found one at Walmart that will work. It called Dynamite by Dirt Devil.
It has nice soft bristles and the handle collapses so it'll fit under the counter in the back room. And it's bagless. I love that!
Back at home, I didn't do much. I decorated our little Christmas tree, and cleaned the bathroom. It was cloudy and drizzly, so no outside work.
I also ordered more suckers.
We have are dish on the front counter at the Salon that we keep filled with Saf-t-pops. They have looped handles instead of straight so kids don't poke their eyes out. We also get the ones with a fruit/vanilla swirl. They're the most popular. And they don't sell them around here, we can only buy them from the company, Spangler Candy.
I swear, more men take the suckers than kids. :-)
Then Craig tried a new recipe for dinner, Salisbury Steak. I got it out of our Cooking Light Magazine. It was really good! I love trying easy new recipes! I forgot to take a pic, but the recipe is over here.
And of course, I watched Glee!
And now it's time for another work week.

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  1. I used to think I liked bagless vacuum cleaners, too. But I don't. They're mostly messy when you empty them.
    Since you're just using it on a bare floor mostly for hair, it should work great for you though. :)