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Friday, December 03, 2010

Yep! Snow.

Good morning from a c-o-l-d Lansing, MI.
This pic was taken Wednesday morning as I was leaving for work.

Winter seems to have settled here for good. The long term forecast is for a high around 30 with the lows around 20 and scattered flurries off and on.
Looks like John and Derek left the mid-west just in time. Although they left the bitter cold, they'll be dealing with cool relentless rain, as while their winters aren't as cold, they do get a lot of precipitation.
The last two days at the Salon have been fairly busy, and today and tomorrow look to be the same.
This evening we have a cocktail party to attend. One of our customers belongs to a local law firm that has an early evening cocktail party at a place called Harem. It's described as an urban Lounge. It's very big city like. Free food and drinks! Should be fun.


  1. Looks like your weather is pretty similar to ours. For the moment. I think yours will get worse... :(

  2. Have a good, safe, evening! :)