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Saturday, December 04, 2010

An evening out

Good morning.
Yesterday afternoon, after work, we went downtown to the Harem lounge.

Yep! All they have on the front of the building, is a large h.

We were invited to a cocktail party being thrown by a customers law firm. Had a great time! Met some interesting people, had some good appetizers and tasty drinks.

On the way there, I snapped a few holiday pics.
A traffic circle intersecting the road to the capitol and the main shopping street.

They put lights on the roof lines of all the buildings. Looks very festive at night.
And the state Christmas tree that sits in front of the capitol. I don't know who actually decorates it, but i think it look horrible!
They just wrapped rows and rows of lights around it. Didn't even try to stagger them. And with led lights, from a distance, all you see is blue and red. I'm not sure I like led's on trees.
Sorry all these pics were from the car. It was way to cold for me to be out walking around any more than I needed to. :-)
Anyway, it was a fun evening. We don't get out much anymore. :-)
And now I gotta go and get ready for my last day at the Salon this week.


  1. I liked the ginormous red ornaments. We have those in Uptown Charlotte too. :-)

  2. Tree looks a bit lopsided, too. Whether it was the tree or the way they did the lights, I have to agree, it doesn't look too good.

    Oh well. At least you enjoyed the party!