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Friday, November 19, 2010

up to speed

Good morning.
Let's get us up to speed here since I've been gone a few days.
Tuesday was another one of those wash-outs. It was cold, windy, and the leaves aren't all down yet, so I didn't do a thing. Inside or out. I was a total slug!
Wednesday morning, I fired up the puter, turned on the modem, and nothing. No Internet. The Internet light on the modem wasn't lit. I thought maybe it didn't cycle right, so I turned it off, waited, and turned it back on again. Nothing. So I called tech support. They didn't say our area was one of the many experiencing problems so I waited for the next available tech. The recording said the estimated wait time was 25 minutes. Ugh! So I waited. Passing the time playing a game on the puter. After about 20 minutes, I got disconnected. Arg! So I redialed and waited some more. After another 35 minutes I finally get a live person. He apologises for the wait, (of course) and says our area is also experiencing problems and they are working on it. I hang up thinking why can't they keep their phone recording updated!
So after wasting all that time, and still no Internet, I get things ready for another work week. I clean and slice carrots and cucumbers to snack on during the day. And also some pineapple and cottage cheese. That's what I eat instead of going out to lunch. It's difficult to 'schedule' a lunch when you work with appointments that aren't always done in the time scheduled, so it's just easier this way.
The work day went pretty smooth, and I had Internet when I arrived home in the evening.
Thursday, work was busy.
We also received the light bulbs I got from E-Bay and they were exactly the ones I was expecting. We now have 3 boxes of lights to use to replace any burned out ones. These should last us quite a few years.
You can see from the second pic how large each bulb is.
Today and tomorrow are looking to be very busy in the Salon also. And I'm getting tired of customers coming in and wondering if we're going to be closing. This all started coming about when the management company decided to fix the mall up. They painted, mulched, and for some insane reason, decide to put white paper
on all the windows of all the empty store fronts.
Well, out of 22 storefronts in this mall, there are only 8 occupied right now, So that means a lot of white paper screaming how empty the mall really is. I personally thought it looked fine with just the empty spaces showing through the windows. I don't have a clue why they wanted to cover them all up, and especially with white paper. It would've look better if they had used brown paper.
Oh well....
We also haven't received the new chair mats we ordered on the 8th. They should have been here on Wed. or Thur. If they don't show up today, I'll have to call and see what's going on with them.
So now we're up to speed, and I need to hop in the shower and get to work!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I've been a slug lately too. Wrose is that I'm an unemployed slug.

  2. Nice lights. Glad your internet is fixed. Have a great calendar weekend and enjoy your weekend when you get it! :)

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    It's amazing what is offered for sale on ebay.... so glad you were able to find the lights. We were joking with friends a couple of years ago about the 'Jungle Gardenia' perfume that was given away on game shows in the 60's-70's. Elizabeth Taylor wore it at the time. Our friends found a bottle on ebay and sent it to us. It was over half empty but they found it! Funny!