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Monday, December 27, 2010

3rd day of Christmas

Good morning.
Sunday was another nice day.
Craig got up around 8:30, (early for him) showered, then I fixed coffee and we read the paper, than it was out to do a little running around. Mainly to Menard's. They had AA batteries for 60% off. They were Rayovac, a decent brand. I won't by off brands anymore. I swear they last about 1/4 as long as name brands.
Anyway, I remove all the batteries from all the electronics in the mo-ho each year, and put in fresh each spring. Between detectors, clocks, remotes, flashlights, etc., it takes quite a few.
So this was a good deal. We also picked up a new bulb for our outdoor sodium light. It keeps going out, then coming back on. We replaced the sensor a few weeks ago, so Craig wanted to try a new bulb. I think it's the ballast going. We'll see if the bulb thing works.
And we also picked up some more air filters for the furnace. We have to intakes, and of course, they are to different sizes. We replaced them last week, and used up the last new ones.
Then, back home, I fixed us a late breakfast/early lunch, of an egg and Canadian bacon sandwich.
And while Craig did his usual laundry and bookwork, I managed to dust and vacuum between playin on the puter.
I also looked up current CD rates. Yuk! We have one maturing in April. Currently earning 5.5 %. The latest rates are running around 2.5%. Maybe I'll just hide it under the mattress instead. :-)
And after a very cold December, we appear to be getting a break. Temps are forecast to get above freezing later this week.
Then for dinner, we reheated some turkey, and the leftover sides. Craig is feeling much better, but wanted to eat up the leftovers, and will make his new potato dish today with pork cutlets.
And that was out 2nd day of Christmas. Now for our 3rd! I love long weekends!


  1. Under the mattress? RV mattress?

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Wayne, 5.5% on a CD, even last year? WOW, that was great! Right now, even 2.5% for a CD is good. I just had a CD mature too and the new rate was 1.0%!! The rates in our area are terrible! No one around here is doing 2.5%.

    Stay warm,

  3. And they wonder why people don't save money.

    Glad to hear Craig is feeling better. :)

    It's supposed to hit mid 70s in Louisiana. Crazy!

    Enjoy it while you can. :)