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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

4th day of Christmas

Good morning.
Yesterday was another nice day.
But I became infected.
Infected with the cleaning bug!
I completely took apart everything in the bedroom. We have a king bed, and is it heavy! And I felt it was time to do a thorough cleaning. I took out the night stands, dresser, and took apart the bed. I vacuumed, cleaned the mini blinds, windows and wiped down everything. I can't tell you how long it's been since I vacuumed under the bed. I'm embarrassed to even guess. :-)
Other than that, it was our usual Monday. Went to the bank, post office, and meijer's.Came home, read the paper, and fixed a tasty breakfast/lunch. One of Craig's customers gave him a home made gift basket with assorted baked goods. One of them were whole wheat dinner rolls. I used 2 of them for sandwiches. They were very tasty!
Craig then did more paper work and laundry, besides helping me with the bedroom.
For dinner, we had those tasty pork cutlets I've become hooked on, and Craig made his new potato dish. It was really good!

We added broiled zucchini and had a very good dinner.
Topped that with our Monday sitcoms, and it was another nice day.
And today's our 4th day off before retuning to work for 3 days, and another 4 day weekend. I could get use to this schedule! Well, except for the money thingy. When your self-employed, no workey no money. And your probably saying, "what about all those other stylists? Don't' you make money from them?"
Well, yes, but that money mainly covers the salon overhead. We don't get that much extra profit from them. So our money mainly comes from our clientele.
And, I'm not sure what we're doing for today, maybe nothing. I'm not feeling the cleaning bug right now. :-)


  1. Damn, I don't even clean like that and I'm unemployed.

  2. I love those cleaning days! Well, what I love more is when they are over and everything is clean!