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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No bug bites today

Good morning.
I was not bit by the cleaning bug yesterday.
I was bit by the lazy slug. :-)
But that's okay. Sometimes it's nice to just do nothing.
Actually, we did do a few things.
We went out to East Lansing to Mercantile Bank. We have a money market account there. We received a letter stating our account has been inactive for 9 months, and if it stayed that way, we'd get charged a monthly maintenance fee.
WTF? Charging us to let our money sit in their bank for them to use for nearly free?
The only reason we have that account, is Craig likes to keep some 'cash' on hand for emergencies, and they are currently paying the best rate locally, (1.3%) which still sucks!
But that's also why the account is not 'active'. We don't touch that money if we don't have to.
Anyway, we went over there to deposit some money to keep the account 'active'.
And then stopped at Meijer's for some weekly supplies on the way home.
Craig made a big pot of turkey stock from the Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey carcases. That stuff is great when making mashed potatoes, or for boiling noodles or rice. Adds a nice flavor.
I did check inside the mo-ho for unwanted guests and found no evidence of any, and checked the water level in the 'house' batteries, which were good.
And that was pretty much it. I spent most of the rest of the day on the puter, checking out possible campgrounds for the up-coming season, blogs, and playing games.
For dinner, Craig diced up some chicken breasts and seasoned and sauteed them and warmed up some of the left-over potato casserole and baked an Acorn Squash.
It was yummy!
And this morning, it's back to work. Today is 9-7 as is tommorow. Friday will be shorter, right now, 8-2. That will depend on the amount of phone calls this week. Being 2 short weeks, we tend to work longer days to get people in. But the long weekend makes it worth it. ;-)


  1. Have a great day! :-)

  2. Those squash remind me of my childhood -- we would have those halved acorns regularly. Baked in the oven with a scoop of butter and brown sugar in them.