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Friday, December 31, 2010

My last post of 2010

Good morning.
It doesn't feel like the last day of 2010. I don't know why, but it just doesn't.
Anyway, after an exhausting 12 hour day yesterday, I came home, ate dinner, had a few glasses of sherry, and hit the pillow around 10pm. Slept like a baby. :-)
Feeling refreshed this morning, except for this phlegm, drainage thingy that I've had now for a couple of weeks. I not sure what's going on, it's worst first thing in the morning, but by mid-day, pretty much clears up. I have no other symptoms, so checking on-line hasn't been any help. If it persists into next week, I guess I'll have to go to the doctor.
Just a short day today, 7:30 to around 2pm. Then over to Meijer's for our annual New Years Eve pig out food.
We've also gotten many different types of wine for Christmas, so maybe we'll do a little wine tasting thing also. One unusual wine is called Choco Vine. The label says "the taste of dutch chocolate and fine red wine." I wouldn't have thought of mixing those 2 ingredients, but we'll give it a try.
And no big plans for the evening, just food, drinks, and and movies. I doubt we'll even make it to midnight. :-)
Yep! we're a couple of old farts. :-)
Happy New Year! And if you go out, have a great one!


  1. Haha. We're older farts. We go to bed pretty much consistently at 9 PM no matter what day it is. ;-)
    Your wine sounds like liquid cordials. Enjoy!

    And HAPPY NEW YEAR, Guys!

  2. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Happy New Year Wayne and Craig!!!! Maybe our tracks will cross in 2011!


  3. Best of new years to you and Craig. Enjoy 2011!

  4. davidz3:45 AM

    Happy New Year!