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Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Salon at Christmas

Good morning.
The weather outside is frightful....wait, isn't that a song?
Anyway, the weather is cold, it's snowing, freezing rain predicted, and quite a mess.
Soooo, in the spirit of the season, I give you some holiday pics of our Salon.

The ceiling isn't black. There are no ceiling tiles, just the grid work. Everything above was painted black. It gives the small Salon a more spacious feel, and helps to dissipate the odors better.
It's been a rather slow week in the salon. Not sure why, but we'll probably be swamped next week. Sometimes it just goes like that.
But today is booked solid, and tomorrow is looking good too. Some of it will depend on the weather.
Not much more to say.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your salon... so modern.

  2. I always enjoy seeing your Christmas decorations. :)
    Be careful!

  3. davidz4:32 AM

    You always have the salon decorated so beautifully for Christmas.

  4. MarkG.4:42 PM

    Wayne, we went for our mani's and pedi's today at our regular salon in TN. We've been going to the same girls since '91 or so when they got out of beauty school (they are in their upper 30's now).

    Anyway, we walk in the 'manicure' room and they have the BIG bulb Christmas light hanging around the window. I told them out valuable they are and about you guys trying to find replacements. Those lights are so festive I can't believe that they are not made anymore.


  5. It looks quite festive. I was wondering about the ceiling. I thought it was some kind of plexiglass at first glance. I like the darker colors.